Helium balloons have long been used to signify a celebration, but when those balloons settle back down to earth, there’s really nothing to celebrate. Listen in to learn why we’re in favor of a balloon release ban here in Maryland.
Balloon Release Ban
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Essential Tremors

A show in which musicians and other creators talk about the songs that shaped who they are.

Hey Chef!

The podcast where a young aspiring chef learns what it takes to be successful in the culinary world by talking to local Baltimore chefs.

Poe Theatre on the Air

Part radio drama, part podcast, and all Edgar Allan Poe. A new spine-tingling play for your ears every month, adapted from America’s most famous horror and suspense writer. Gothic frights, by The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre.

The Daily Dose: Maryland Confronts COVID-19

An evening roundup of WYPR's latest reporting on Maryland's COVID-19 response, a summary of essential state and local updates, and a forum for locals who want to share stories about everyday life in the era of Coronavirus.

A Blue View

A Blue View is a weekly perspective on the life aquatic, hosted by National Aquarium CEO John Racanelli. From the smallest plants and animals invisible to the human eye to entire ecosystems, every living thing depends on and is intricately linked by water.

Art Matters

----Art Matters---- with Baltimore Museum of Art Director Christopher Bedford connects listeners with some of the most interesting and innovative artists working today. As the 10th director of Maryland's largest art museum, Bedford is recognized as a dynamic leader who recognizes the powerful role that art and artists can play in shaping our society.Tune in the first Friday of every month to hear how artists from Baltimore and beyond define themselves and their work.

A Valuable Perspective

A Valuable Perspective features interviews with residents of Roland Park Place, Baltimore City's only full-service, accredited, non-profit Life Plan Community. During each episode, they share stories, experiences and viewpoints on a myriad of topics including financial planning, advances in medicine, education, romance, dealing with life’s changes and staying fit, to name a few.Roland Park Place residents are perfectly positioned to share opinions and expertise on the same questions, concerns and debates at the forefront of society today. With episodes coming every month, the topics will always be relevant to what’s currently on the minds of everyday listeners.

Gil Sandler's Baltimore Stories

Gilbert Sandler is one of Baltimore's most-read and well-known local historians. For more than thirty years, through his articles in the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Jewish Times, National Public Radio and his books and lectures, he has shown Baltimoreans, through anecdote and memory, who they are, where they have been and, perhaps, where they are going. He was educated in Baltimore's public schools and graduated from Baltimore City College; in World War II, he served in the United States Navy as a ship-board navigator in the Pacific. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has a master's from Johns Hopkins.

Beyond the Ballot

In 2020 we celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guaranteed women the right to vote.To commemorate this milestone, the law firm of Gallagher Evelius Jones is proud to present ----Beyond the Ballot,---- a series highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of Maryland women since winning the right to vote.

Cellar Notes on WYPR

Al Spoler and Hugh Sisson taste and review some of the finest wines around the world and from our Maryland wineries.

ClearPath - Your Roadmap to Health and Wealth

Catherine Collinson, the Transamerica Institute's founding president who also leads Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies\u174\u TCRS (a foremost expert on the state of retirement readiness in America), and Hector De La Torre, who leads the The Transamerica Center for Health StudiesSM TCHS, discuss the broad range of issues related to financial literacy, retirement, and health and wellness.

Foreman and Wolf on Food and Wine on WYPR

Tony Foreman and Cindy Wolf discuss everything connected to food and wine. From cold suppers to elegant dinner parties.

Future City on WYPR

It's easy to talk about what's wrong in Baltimore. The challenge is to talk about what's next. In each episode, Wes looks at innovative ideas that are working in other cities, places like Cincinnati, St Louis, and Detroit. And he asks the question: Can those ideas work for Baltimore? This program is made possible by Genine and Josh Fidler, and supported by the Baltimore Community Foundation, created by and for the people of Greater Baltimore, where many donors join together to make the region they love a better place, today and for future generations.

Higher Purpose

What follows is a counter to the narrative about the people of Baltimore. It's the story of Turnaround Tuesday -- the jobs movement for and with Baltimore's residents who have been excluded from earning a living, years after incarceration. It's the story of change hidden beneath the headlines about our city. It's a story of Baltimore that only Baltimore can tell. And we intend to tell it like it is. Higher Purpose is a 4 episode audio-documentary series written, produced, and narrated by Yasmene Mumby. Audio production, mixing, and music score by Justin Mayfield. Mural Art: "However Far the Stream Flows, It Never Forgets It's Source" by Tom Miller, 1339 E North Ave in Baltimore, MD. Cover art by Ed Ryan.

Humanities Connection

Humanities Connection explores the intersection of the humanities and our daily lives, reflects on the past, present, and future, celebrates the power of literature, and demonstrates the importance of the humanities to understand the human experience.

Inspiring Moments

Inspiring Moments is made possible by Kennedy Krieger Institute. Kennedy Krieger Institute is internationally recognized for improving the lives of more than 24,000 children and young adults with disorders and injuries of the brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system each year. The Institute is a non-profit, specialty pediatric healthcare and education organization that's headquartered in Baltimore and has locations throughout Maryland.<br>They serve patients, students and families with inpatient and outpatient clinics; home and community services; and school-based special education programs. Kennedy Krieger trains nearly 1,000 professionals each year and conducts critical research to help unlock the full potential of children right here in Maryland, and around the world.

Joy in Medicine

Joy in Medicine looks at ways doctors and everyone involved in medicine can focus on the humanity of practice.

Knock Knock Who's There

Driven by dares, rumors or just plain curiosity, this podcast is about opening doors and finding out who, or what, lies behind them.

Life In The Balance on WYPR

Life in the Balance is a monthly program that asks: What are the systemic issues in Baltimore that keep marginalized people from reaching their full potential, and what are the solutions to those problems?<br/>Each episode is rooted in an individual's story about overcoming a personal hurdle related to one of these systemic issues. It might be homelessness, drug abuse, or a post-incarceration employment struggle. This narrative engages the listener throughout the program as concerned stakeholders, local non-profits, academics, authors, and politicians also hear the testimonial and offer their best solutions.<br/>

Living Questions on WYPR

----Living Questions---- is a monthly series on Maryland Morning that explores religion and ethics in contemporary life. Tom Hall talks to scholars and clergy, believers and non-believers about how different faith traditions influence and inform our personal and collective lives. Maryland Morning is partnering on ?Living Questions? with the Institute for Islamic, Christian and Jewish Studies , an organization that for nearly 30 years has worked to cultivate religious literacy and inter-faith understanding.


Monday-Friday from noon-1:00, Tom Hall and his guests are talking about what's on your mind, and what matters most to Marylander's, the latest news, local and national politics, education and the environment, popular culture and the arts, sports and science, race and religion, movies and medicine. We welcome your questions and comments. E-mail us at [email protected].

One Day at a Time: In Recovery in Baltimore

Host Theo Hill brings an interesting background to this podcast about addiction and recovery. He's been in recovery himself for 19 years now, after struggling with a heroin addiction for much of his life. Today, Theo drives a truck for a living and also works as a certified counselor at Alcohol and Drug Intervention (ADI) in Glen Burnie. Join Theo and his guests for honest, intimate, and personal conversations about the lure of addiction, the toll it takes, and the strength required to overcome its grip.

On The Record

Catch On the Record, hosted by Sheilah Kast, weekdays from 9:30 to 10:00 am, following NPR's Morning Edition. We'll discuss the issues that affect your life and bring you thoughtful and lively conversations with the people who shape those issues -- business people, public officials, scholars, artists, authors, WYPR reporters and other journalists who can take us inside the story. If you want to share a comment, question, or an idea for an interview you?d like to hear, email us at <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected]</a>

Open Access

Open Access with Julia Marciari-Alexander, Andrea B. and John H. Laporte Director of the Walters Art Museum, inspires connections between you and the art on view at the Walters.&nbsp;As the first woman to serve as director of the Walters Art Museum, Marciari-Alexander is highly regarded for her academic and institutional credentials and her infectious passion for the arts.&nbsp;&nbsp;Tune in the second Friday of every month to hear Marciari-Alexander discuss how current events relate to seven millennia of art.

Out of the Blocks

Out of the Blocks is a uniquely immersive listening experience that emerges from a mosaic of voices and soundscapes on the streets of Baltimore. A custom-tailored score colors and connects this tapestry of stories hidden in plain sight.

Public Commentary

You can hear commentary from Community Leaders around the Baltimore Metropolitan Region Tuesday mornings at 10:04 am.Commentary heard on WYPR do not necessarily reflect the Opinions of WYPR staff or management.

Radio Kitchen

Every Tuesday morning at 8:45 WYPR listeners are treated to a tasty serving of culinary advice on Radio Kitchen.

Sound Tales Podcast

Sound Tales is stories, songs and sounds that spark children’s imagination, made 100% by the human voice. Slow down the pace, take a breath, and listen with your full attention. Kids can move and imagine or sit quietly and reflect. Sound Tales is for long rides, cooking dinner, play dates and bed time. Parent and kid approved!

Sports at Large

Sports at Large is a weekly exploration of the issues and people who play and watch sports. SaL goes behind the headlines and stats to find the how and why, and the ways in which sports intersect with and influence our daily lives. SaL features interviews and commentaries from professionals and fans a like to tell a more complete story. One person described it as ----a thinking fan's guide to sports.----

The Environment in Focus

The Environment in Focus, hosted by Tom Pelton, is a weekly perspective on the issues and people changing our natural world. Pelton is a national award-winning environmental journalist, author, and public radio host.

The Morning Economic Report

From WYPR 88.1 FM in Baltimore. Anirban Basu, Chariman Chief Executive Officer of Sage Policy Group (SPG), is one of the Mid-Atlantic region's leading economic consultants.

The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things is a weekly broadcast about our area’s native flora and fauna, hosted by Irvine Nature Center’s Executive Director Brooks Paternotte. At the start of each week, The Nature of Things offers an eco-friendly perspective on everything from our changing seasons to the sounds of our migrating birds to the plants invading our yards, fields and forests.

The Noir and Bizarre

The Noir and Bizarre explores the dark and strange stories we tell ourselves about human existence - occult history, ghosts, haunted houses, and secret crimes - with a special emphasis on stories that draw on the rich history and culture of Baltimore. Additionally, the show philosophically asks big questions about spiritual narratives and rituals surrounding life and death.

The Weekly Reader

----What should I read next?---- Book critic and longtime NPR commentator Marion Winik answers this question in four opinionated, book-loving minutes. With reviews of new releases and older titles you may have missed, it’s like having a new best friend with very good taste to guide you in your literary adventures. The Weekly Reader is produced by WYPR and hosted by Lisa Morgan.

Town of the Big House

Questions are raised when an out-of-town businessman comes to Baltimore offering bold promises. Kahan Dhillon, a young Sikh, Indian-American real estate developer from Fairfax County, mysteriously shows up in Baltimore touting a $10 billion citywide redevelopment plan. Although he represents himself as a civic leader and savior for a city in need of change, something seems awry. Is Kahan Dhillon a legitimate developer looking to do good for Charm City? Or is the city of Baltimore being exploited by a con man? Perhaps there's something more complicated at play... could he be a pawn in a larger political corruption scandal? Part verite documentary, part character study, and part investigative expose, Season 1 of Town of the Big House tracks the year and a half Producer Richard Yeagley covered the story, interacting with and immersing himself into the life of the enigmatic developer.

Truth and Reconciliation

Truth and Reconciliation is a forum for the people of Baltimore to discuss the challenges of law enforcement reform, alternative paths to improving communal safety, and how to hold power accountable.Through personal tales of triumph and tragedy, Truth and Reconciliation seeks new perspectives on how to improve the lives of the people of the city through activism, analysis, and actionable ideas.Hosted by Taya Graham, Sean Yoes, and Stephen Janis

Why Baltimore on WYPR

Why Baltimore on WYPR 88.1 FM is a series of conversations with local business and community leaders about Baltimore?s distinct standing among other markets. Learn how Baltimore ranks against other markets in various industries and economic indicators, and the reasons why local leaders choose to invest in the region. Why Baltimore is hosted by Shannon Landwehr, President ---- CEO of the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore. The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore is a not-for-profit economic development organization led by a partnership of regional business executives, elected government officials and leaders from higher education focused on fostering business retention and development, job creation, workforce development and new investment throughout the Greater Baltimore region. For more information,

Your Maryland

Since 2002, ----Your Maryland---- hosted by Ric Cottom, has presented little-known human interest stories from Maryland's past.&nbsp;Beginning with accused witches and the murderous career of John Dandy in the earliest days of the colony, through Morgan State's fabled ----Ten Bears---- in the 1970's, the show covers nearly four centuries of heroes, scoundrels, floods, fires, riots, plots, athletes (two-and four-legged), beautiful spies, brilliant writers, misunderstood pirates, and ghosts. All of that color, suspense, and humor is part of your Maryland.

Your Retirement on WYPR

From WYPR 88.1 FM. Anirban Basu reviews retirement news.